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Hi! I'm Teresa, a Product Consultant, Business Designer & Start-up Mentor.

I will guide you to create products, services and experiences that really connect with your customers.

Let's go?

About Me

About me

  • Working in the digital space for over 10 years, I soon learned the importance of testing before investing.

  • During my 4 years at Hewlett-Packard, I managed and launched products on a global scale and acquired the art of getting customer insights to build solutions. 

  • As the owner of a sustainable brand and eCommerce myself, I understand the importance of building the different parts of the business based on customer knowledge.

  • Identifying the main challenges 

  • Prototyping

  • Testing with real users 

Know your customers


My Services.

My personal mission is to create products, services and experiences that allow people to thrive. I believe new ideas do change the world and I work collaboratively to make it happen.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

New ideas change the world!

Business Design is using Design Thinking to prototype different parts of the business before launch. In this way, we de-risk the idea and learn how to create value for your customers before investing. 

Together we will work on the value proposition, offer, sales channel & revenue model. 

Create a unique offer and get evidence-based results before you launch.

Get the team to the same page & translate customer needs into profitable products.

I have extensive experience working with agile development teams and managing products from ideation to MVP, development and successful market launch.

Through intensive user research and hypothesis-driven experimentation, I’ll help you understand customer pain points and translate those insights into prioritized features and value. 

Product Discovery

Know your customers

Knowing your customers is the basis of any successful business. However, humans are complex and understanding them is not an easy task. Let me work with you to discover who your target audience is, which features should you build next or which is the messaging that resonates with them. Some of the tools we'll use:

  • Ethnographic interviews

  • Observation

  • User Personas

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Crowdtesting Platforms

Growth & Innovation Workshop

What's the length of your to-do list? How long has it been since you stopped and organized your thoughts?

In this workshop, specially created for busy entrepreneurs and small teams in the early stages, we will embrace strategic planning and make evidence-based decisions.

Together we will tackle the main problems, find innovative solutions to attract the right target and end up with a clear plan. 

Let's focus on growth!

Many others & all of the above!

Not sure about what you need? Do you have a collaboration in mind? Are you a solo start-up founder and need a "second you"? Or just want to have a chat about life? 

Contact me and let's have a (virtual) coffee!





What clients say...

"Teresa helped us with the positioning research of a new product before launch. The research was insightful and strategic, touching many of the core elements of the business and product. We applied the learnings to build stronger messaging and definitely launched more confidently."
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