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I'm a Product Consultant and Business Designer with a passion for creating products, services and experiences that customers love.

My magic recipe involves two ingredients: testing testing testing (yes, triple testing!) and knowing your customers inside out. Testing will help you solve your main challenges fast, and knowing your customers will guide your daily decisions.


​I have worked in the digital space for 10 years combining multinational and start-up projects. Some of my work includes:

  • Co-founder and Product Director at Caeli (eCommerce, Remote)

  • Product Consultant at Keypath Education (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Strategic Product Manager at Hewlett-Packard (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Mobile Product Manager at Hewlett-Packard (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Executive Master in Digital Business

       2014 - Esade Business School, Barcelona, Spain

  • Strategic management of innovation, digital trends and entrepreneurship

       2014 - Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley, USA

  • Five-year undergraduate and Master in Management program

       2006-2011 - Esade Business School, Barcelona, Spain

  • Exchange Program: intensification in International Marketing

       2011 - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

  • Building a Human-Centered Business​ (IDEO, 2020)

  • Design Sprints Facilitator​ (AJ&Smart, 2020)

  • Product Management for Tech Companies (General Assembly, 2019)

  • Circular Economy (TU Delft and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2018)

  • Scrum Product Owner (2017)


Catalan, Spanish, English and French


I am interested in projects that potentiate the dialogue between art, philosophy, technology, wellbeing and the spaces where we live. If you have a value-driven project within these spaces, please get in touch with me.

Others about me

My passion for culture brought me to travel the world for a year to learn about other cultures while working on a personal project. After that, I settled up in Melbourne, Australia, for one more year.

I am a proud member of Dreamers & Doers, a highly curated, female-focused, collaboration and co-mentorship community for women entrepreneurs.

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