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My work

I believe in honest relationships with clients and in investing my time and energy in getting high-quality results that make products and services better.

See here some examples of my work or contact me to see the full portfolio.


Hewlett-Packard​: building software at a global scale

As a Strategic Product Manager, my main goal was to understand customer pain points and translate those insights into software products and features to be launched on a global scale.

Combining qualitative research (ethnographic interviews and observation) with quantitative research on a recurrent basis allowed me to build and manage successful software products with yearly revenue of over $3 USD million.

Managing trade-offs between cost, schedule, and business benefit was part of my daily basis while always ensuring a successful delivery of products that meet customer needs.

Caeli: Design Sprint for a values-driven eCommerce 

Like many start-up founders, the team at Caeli had a never-ending to-do list that didn't allow them to focus on priorities. During the first day of the Design Sprint, we aligned the team on one-year goals and identified the main challenge threatening the company's growth: customer knowledge. After a year in the market, they struggled understanding why customers chose them and which products should they offer next.

In the next two days, a prototype to get recurrent feedback was built and tested. We scheduled interviews with potential clients and in a month the team had the insights to create their user personas. Now they are co-creating with customers their first product.


© Caeli

In the growing market of online education, the challenge for Keypath Education was to validate which opportunities were worth pursuing. 

After doing robust research, we aligned on the key indicators that made a Masters worth of the investment of co-creating it with the University and designing its online delivery.

Taking into the account industry trends, student demand, employer demand and the competitive landscape,  we validated the opportunity for numerous topics like FinTech and Smart Supply Chain. These were then converted into Postgraduate Degrees adding to Keypath's portfolio and benefits. 


It's equally important to state that we uncovered those opportunities where it was not recommended to invest. 

EdTech​: validating the offer for online Masters


My Magic formula.


And especially that out of the box idea that will bring the magic.




To make daily informed decisions.

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